Western Section

Western Section Members

Total Members: 485

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Last Name First Name Role Company Phone
Eckerle Gregory Member (785) 477-3977
Edwards-Callaway Lily Member Colorado State University (970) 491-5875
Edwards Mark Member California Polytechnic State University (805) 756-2599
Eidsvik John Member University of Saskatchewan 306-716-6591
Eiseman Krista Member Montana State University (608) 921-6869
Ellison Melinda Member University of Idaho (208) 756-2749
Engel Chanda Member Zinpro Corporation (701) 307-0018
Engle Terry Member Colorado State University (970) 568-0142
Enns Richard Member Colorado State University (970) 491-2722
Erickson Sarah Member Feedlot Health Management Services 4036386646
Escobar Madison Member Washington State University (541) 231-2230
Estell Rick Member New Mexico State University (505) 646-6332
Evans John Member (530) 908-7580
Evans Scott Member Cirrus Ecological Solutions, LC (435) 757-0916

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